Local Family’s Powerful Message


Harrington Park’s Josh and Jade Leys have started a local initiative they hope will spread right across the country by painting their letterbox purple to show that their family home is a safe place and that they say no to domestic violence.

“It all came about due to the recent media attention around domestic violence. The kids were asking what it was, and we explained what some people have to go through in the safety of their own homes and from people that are meant to love them” explained Jade Leys.

“We were just at home on a Sunday afternoon recently and came cross some purple paint we had purchased from a gala dinner that the Camden Cats AFL Club had organised on behalf of the Camden/Wollondilly Domestic Violence Committee. Purple is one of the main colours that represents and identifies the Camden/Wollondilly Domestic Violence Committee. Josh decided to use it to paint the letterbox purple with the kids to show that we, as a family say no to domestic violence, just like the committee’s slogan #sayno2dv” she continued.

The purple letterbox represents a safe place, like what Neighbourhood Watch was when both Josh and Jade were kids. Josh explained to his children that when he was their age and he was out and about in his neighbourhood, if he ever needed help or needed to feel safe, he would look for the Neighbourhood Watch sign on a house.

“That’s what we want the purple on homes to represent. It doesn’t have to be a letterbox like ours, it can be a front door, a fence, a pot plant, anything really. We want the purple to show that there is help there for people if they need it. The interest in such a simple act has been unbelievable, and something we never anticipated happening from having an open and honest conversation as a family” stated Jane to the Oran Park Gazette.

So how can the local community get behind and support the initiative?

“Get in touch and purchase some paint. We have some resources from the Camden/Wollondilly Domestic Violence Committee, so if people do seek out help you have the information to do so. We are the fastest growing area in Sydney, and we need to make a stand against domestic violence in all its forms and #sayno2dv. Let’s paint the town purple!” Jade ended.

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