Box Divvy Comes to Leonay


Imagine a world where you could cut your food bill in half. Imagine then being able to pay for other things like schooling, holidays because you can earn income from home. Imagine building an amazing food community in your suburb and supporting local growers and food manufacturers.

The imagining of inexpensive quality food is now a reality with Box Divvy.

Partners in life and passionate food community farmers from Wherrol Flat near Wingham, Jayne Travers-Drapes and Anton van den Berg, have partnered with Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance in order to create a fresh food ordering system like no other.

Now, in the Leonay area, local food warrior Helen Roebuck has created her own Food Hub with the Box Divvy ordering system. Members share bulk boxes of freshly picked produce and other grocery items, which means by purchasing in bulk they can reduce the cost. They save 30-40% on their food bill.

“The Leonay Hub of Box Divvy started operating in early January. I think this really helped us get off the ground, as the new year is a time when many people turn their focus to their health.

Having moved to Western Sydney in 2017, I noticed a lack of easy access to high quality fresh fruit and vegetables. I have been a member of a food co-op for many years, but I was drawn to Box Divvy as it gives the flexibility that many food co-ops do not. It also has the additional benefit of providing me with extra income” explained Box Divvy Leonay’s Helen Roebuck.

Box Divvy Leonay delivers to Leonay, Emu Plains, Lapstone, Glenbrook, Blaxland and Mount Riverview. If you don’t have a local hub and are happy to drive to Leonay to collect your order, you can also do this.

“Once you have registered via, you can start ordering. Because all our ordering is done in bulk and then divvied up between the hub, we have the power to save on prices” said Helen.

“Many of the Leonay Hub members are parents, and as a parent of two boys myself, I find that what I call ‘kid friendly snacks’ like apples, grapes and bananas are really popular. Occasionally, we have more obscure items available, such as spaghetti squash and the whole hub jumped on board wanting to try it! We all work together sharing recipes and ideas, in turn resulting in an increased intake of fruit and vegetables for our families” she ended.

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