Who’s Ready for Big School?


It’s a new year, with thousands of children right across the country lacing up their shoes, putting on their backpacks, showing their best smiles and walking through the gates together with their families to start their first day of kindergarten. It’s a day of nervous anticipation filled with tears and laughter.

For the Williamson family, Mason will start kindergarten at Llandilo Public School, joining his big brother Blake who begins year two.

“I’m looking forward to Mason making lots of new friends in kindergarten this year. He’ll also be joining some friends from day care, soccer and his brother. This should help his transition into big school. We can’t wait to hear all about his new adventures each day” said Kiera Williamson, Mason’s Mum.

Mason couldn’t hold back his excitement when asked what he looks forward to the most about starting kindy. “Taking my own lunch box to school every day, being at school with my big brother and playing in the playground” he beamed.

As a parent of three boys, Kiera knows that when Mason walks through the school gates for the first time, emotionally it doesn’t always get easier the second time around, “On his first day of school, I’ll be excited for him as I know how excited he is to start and all the great things he will experience. Of course, I’ll also be a little sad too because my little boy is growing up. Once they start school, time goes so fast”.

Mason has already set his sights on his career once he finishes school too. “I want to be a police officer” he said.

For now, it’s all about making sure that it’s not just the kids ready for the big day, but parents as well.

“If you have a child starting kindergarten this year, try and be prepared with things like lunch and uniforms being sorted the night before, so it makes for a less stressful morning. If possible, keep your emotions in check as your child will usually follow your lead. Be excited and save the tears for on the way home. Don’t forget to ask them about how their first day went as well” was Kiera’s advice.

The Jordan Springs Gazette would like to wish those students starting or returning to school the best of luck this year.

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