Phone Council before you Fill!


Thinking of levelling your land or filling in areas of your property? Phone Council before you fill!
Penrith Mayor, Ross Fowler OAM said that using landfill to raise or level your property could be illegal, so check with Council first.

Illegal landfilling is filling without the necessary planning or licensing approvals. This commonly happens when construction and demolition waste is used as illegal fill for landscaping, land modification, reclamation works, roads and noise mounds.

“Illegal fill can contain contaminants like lead, asbestos or chemicals, which can harm human health and the environment. Illegal landfilling could permanently devalue your land, and you could end up facing hefty fines and clean-up costs,” Cr Fowler said.

“It’s also illegal to use fill to divert the natural overland flow of water, which could negatively impact or damage neighbouring properties.

“If you’re looking at doing some filling or earthworks, make sure you check with Council first. Property owners are responsible for making sure they don’t illegally bring fill onto their land, including putting it where it could harm plants, wildlife or waterways or cause flooding.

“Accepting illegal fill could lead to the property owner being prosecuted up to $5 million. They can also be charged expensive fees to remove the landfill from the site where it’s been buried,” he continued.

“Suppliers also need to obtain official certification to ensure that the fill is free of chemicals and harmful materials. Toxic fill can poison land and vegetation, with the potential for soil erosion, property devaluation and pollution of our City’s waterways.

“Property owners need to be wary of suppliers seeking out places to dispose of fill material as a means of evading the cost of taking fill to a registered waste facility.

“The message is clear: phone before you fill, and don’t risk your property, family health or money.”

To avoid penalties for unauthorised fill, residents are advised to check with Council on 4732 7777 before using land fill on their property.

If you see illegal dumping or landfilling, report it to the RID squad on 131 555.

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