Come and Play for Mulgoa Valley Football Club


Mulgoa Valley Football Club is looking forward to an exciting 2019 season. After forming a new committee last year, the club is refreshed and looking to the future.

Supporting the bid for Australia to host the Women’s World Cup in 2020, there is a focus on improving female member numbers and encourages girls and women with an interest in football to register, regardless of skill.

They welcome all players, at all skill levels of all ages. If you have ever thought of participating, or signing up the kids, now is the time to join.

After receiving a Community Building Partnership Grant in 2018, construction of a new BBQ area has commenced and will be completed for the coming season. This begins their future plans to further improve the club to service the expected growth in the local area.

Always welcoming new members and volunteers, the club is excited for future expansion whilst still maintaining the local, family friendly club feel that has been its major drawcard for over 30 years.

The club is always looking for sponsors to help with growth, equipment and improvement of facilities. If you have a local business and would like to contribute to your community, contact the club for more information.

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