Byron’s Journey Begins


It’s a new year, with thousands of children right across the country lacing up their shoes, putting on their backpacks, showing their best smiles and walking through the gates together with their families to start their first day of kindergarten. It’s a day of nervous anticipation filled with tears and laughter.

For the Andrews family, Byron will start kindergarten at Holy Family Primary School in Luddenham, joining his brother Lucas (10) and sisters Leila (9) and Lacey (7), this year.

“I am looking forward to Byron starting a new chapter, where he can develop some new friendships and learn many exciting and wonderful things that will help him through life” said Lauren Andrews, Byron’s Mum.

Byron can hardly wait to start kindy and join his friends and family at big school this year. He is looking forward to joining and playing with his preschool friends Anthony and Matthew and, of course, his brother and sisters that he loves.

When Byron starts at Holy Family Primary School, he will be the last of his siblings to leave the nest to begin his school journey.

“It will definitely be an emotional day for me as I say goodbye to my youngest being at home. I’ll also be saying goodbye to the end of 11 years of having children at home with me. It will take a bit of getting used to a quiet home from 9-3” Lauren reflected.

For now, Byron is happy to share what he would like to do once he finishes school in the future. “I want to be a monster truck driver!” he grinned. “This has been something he has told me many times” added Lauren.

“What I like most about the school is the many dedicated teachers who create such a wonderful learning environment for the kids. There is a sense of community and belonging not only for the children but for the families” she finished.

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