A Local Love Story


Jordan Springs has its very own love story, which began right here in 2011, when Mark Graham proposed to his wife Jo in their new home during construction whilst having a romantic candle-lit dinner in their dining room.

Fast forward to 2019 and the local family now have two beautiful children, Rilan who is 4 and Harla who is 2.

They still live in the same house that they built that Mark proposed to Jo in and were amongst the first people to live in Jordan Springs. The couple also hold the distinction of being on the cover of the first edition of the Jordan Springs Gazette in July 2013.

“It was a new experience as this was our first home and the first house we actually built. Like anyone that has built before, there are some learning curves in the process of building a new home. We still live in the same house today” explained Jo.

Mark and Jo’s children Rilan and Harla both attend Little Zak’s Academy in Jordan Springs. The family will look to enrol the children in Jordan Springs Public School, once it is completed.

The Graham’s have watched the local community grow and change in the years since they first made the area home.

“The biggest change we have seen was the complete build of the shopping centre. The growth of the area is another major change. Because we have been here since Stage 1, we have seen the complete transformation of the whole area. We would walk in Stage 2 with the dog off the leash on the roads with little disruptions. We’ve had neighbours come and go to build again in different areas of Jordan Springs” Jo said.

What does the Graham family enjoy the most about living in the local area? “The community feel is what we find the most attractive thing about Jordan Springs. Lend Lease have built a great foundation and the promotions they have created. Neighbours also look after each other” ended Jo.

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