Wallacia Community Trivia Event Held for Buy A Bale




Members of the Wallacia community recently held a trivia event for Buy A Bale at Club Wallacia. Everyone who attended enjoyed a fun-filled evening that was run by Pomara and Ellena Jee-MacLennan.

“We raised $1,000 during the evening. With a show of hands, we declared the money would be sent to the Buy A Bale organisation with permission to use it where necessary” Ellena Jee-MacLennan told the Mulgoa Valley Gazette.

“It is my experience that the people of Wallacia always enjoy a great get together, sharing many stories and meeting up once again with friends and acquaintances” she added.

Everyone left the club with great enthusiasm for another similar event to be held in the future. Watch this space.

^ Buy A Bale | Image: www.pexels.com

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