Local Club to Launch All-Inclusive Program


The Wollondilly Redbacks Junior AFL Club will be implementing the Cygnet Program early next year, an all-inclusive program designed to encourage the movement and active lifestyle choices and activities for children with additional needs.

Mitchell Seal and wife Melinda have three children, of which two have a form of Autism. Mitchell, a qualified Junior AFL Coach and Melinda, an Early Childhood Teacher, previously implemented a program to help their son Eamon and those with the same desires that have been restricted by barriers; giving them a chance to get involved. They ran that program at a different club for a year and received good participation.

“In discussions this year with our Club President, Tracy Jedrzejewski, we wanted to take the fact that Wollondilly prides itself on our inclusive nature and progress it by introducing the Cygnet Program that we have had such success with before, but this time at the Wollondilly Redbacks.

We believe there are a number of children with additional needs in and around our area that could benefit greatly, and we aim to provide them that opportunity” explained Mitchell.

“This is a general movement and activities program designed to get the children involved and having fun. Some of it will be with AFL equipment, but we will also have soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls, and skipping ropes, so the equipment will drive the activities. This is about their inclusion as the sole driver of this program. The more children we can have involved in the program, the better for the children, the better for their families and the better for the wider community, so please help us spread the word” he said.

The program is open for preschool through to high school children. It will be free for participants and will not only provide the activities for the children but aims to also provide a supportive community for their families.

If you would like to get involved with the Cygnet Program at the club, whether it be through participation or sponsorship, please email Mitchell and Melinda at

includeme.redbacks@gmail.com. You can also visit the Wollondilly Redbacks Junior AFL Club on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Wollondilly-Redbacks-Junior-AFL-229354443766189/.

^ Eamon Seal in action for the Wollondilly Redbacks | Image: Nadine McCabe



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