Let the Christmas Games Begin


Christmas is a special time of year where families come together to celebrate the festive season with one another. Whether it’s a picnic, barbecue or listening to carols, it’s a chance to make memories with our loved ones. For the Bedwell family of Glenmore Park, it’s a time to put on the white, green or red, flex their competitive muscles and compete in the Christmas Family Olympics.

The local event began just four years ago. Seven families come together to compete in events such as the Santa Sack Race, Reindeer Pass, Snowball Fight, Wreath Toss and Christmas Bauble Mini Golf. The families are split into three teams (White, Green and Red) where they compete for a trophy and importantly bragging rights. Last year’s event saw 33 ‘athletes’ consisting of kids and adults vying for glory.

“The creativity in the Christmas themed events from each family, watching them work together and the laughter, cheating and cheering across all teams is amazing. Enjoying the presence of friends instead of presents. There is so much to enjoy” said Mel Bedwell.

For the record, the green team have been the most successful team so far. Mel, husband Shane and children Annabelle and Levi hope to change that this year with ‘team white’ eyeing off the silverware.

“This event is really about our families coming together to reconnect, enjoy time with each other, and to celebrate the festive season” ended Mel.

^ Levi ready for the Santa Sack Race | Image Supplied

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