New Groups for Blokes


The community of Gregory Hills have welcomed two new monthly groups for the blokes – Breakfast with the Blokes and Beer with the Blokes.

Breakfast with the Blokes started in August this year. The group currently meets monthly on a Sunday morning from 8:00am till 9:00am at il Sapore in Gregory Hills, whilst Beer with the Blokes meet that same weekend on a Saturday afternoon from 3:00pm till 4:00pm at the Gregory Hills Hotel.

“Breakfast with the Blokes started partly out of my own need to find male friends and out of an appreciation that, with so many new families moving into Gregory Hills and the surrounding community, there would be other men in our community who might be wanting to find friends” explained Brian Schick, Group Organiser.

“My wife Rosalie, who is much more social than me, has been running a coffee connection group for the women in our community for nearly two years and it has proven very successful. When I suggested doing the same thing for the men in our community, she wasn’t sure if guys would be as interested in connecting as the ladies were, but we have been quite surprised about the level of interest within the community. I would like to hope that both of our groups go some way towards helping Gregory Hills to become a safe inclusive community where everyone feels welcome” added Brian.

Essentially, both groups are about giving men the opportunity to meet each other and what better way to do that than over food!

“While there is interest, each group will continue to meet every month as a regular connection point for everyone, particularly new guys. The idea however is that as guys get to know each other, they might organise other activities based on their interests and invite other men from the group to attend” ended Brian.

For more information about the groups, look for their events each month on the local Gregory Hills community pages on Facebook.

^Breakfast with the Blokes | Image: Brian Schick

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