Locals Compete at Australian Transplant Games


The spirit of the Australian Transplant Games is to encourage individuals to be involved in a sporting competition, and to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Many competitors previously may not have been able to engage in any sort of sporting activity due to their illness.

The Transplant Games are a fantastic celebration of the gift of life that transplantation is and are centred around saying thanks for organ donation and promoting transplantation to Australia and the World.

The Transplant Games are held to recognise the connection between people as a consequence of organ donation, thus the competitors are recipients, donors, donor’s families, supporters, relatives and others.

Kyla Devine of Glenmore Park and her brother, Kobi, were competing in the Games as recipient and supporter respectively. Kyla, a liver recipient at just 4 months old. Kobi is the little brother who has experienced Kyla’s medical journey for all his life.

Kyla aged 11, competed in the 9-11 years girls age group and across athletics and swimming disciplines won 8 medals; 7 Gold and 1 Silver. Kobi, aged 9 competed in the same age group for boys and won a gold, a silver and a bronze, but won admiration and respect for not begrudging Kyla’s ‘limelight’. Both were justifiably pleased about their individual performances.

At ‘home’ Kyla plays netball for Glenmore Park Netball Club as well as doing gymnastics. Kobi plays soccer for Glenmore Park Football Club, as well as summer and indoor soccer.

It is certain that organ donation has meant that the Devine’s can lead a normal life. Some may say an extraordinary one!

You can no longer register your donation decision via your driver’s licence. You need to join the national Australian Organ Donor Register. To do this, please visit https://register.donatelife.gov.au/decide.

Kobi supporting his big sister Kyla | Image Supplied

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