Toy Drive for Homeless Children


With Christmas just around the corner and decorations already flooding our shopping isles, Jack Blewitt, a local 9-year-old Harrington Park boy who attends Oran Park Public School is already planning ahead for those who are less fortunate than he is.

Most 9-year-old boys have already put in their requests for the latest toys and gadgets that they hope Santa will bring them. Jack is asking for many things. In fact, Jack’s wishes are that the community can donate lots of toys and clothes to fill as many buckets as he can. Not for him though, but to gift them to local homeless children and those children suffering from domestic violence who may not receive anything for Christmas this year.

After hearing about his mum Cheree working with homeless children, he realised just how lucky he was and felt sad that not all children had the luxury that he does. “I felt sad when I heard they get nothing at Christmas time, so I wanted to help them’’ explained Jack.

Jack decided on a toy drive and is now seeking the help of the local community to put smiles on children’s faces and to make them feel special for the day. The goal is to gather as many new toys, books and clothes and give them as gifts to children less fortunate for Christmas, so they don’t go without. The toy drive will be going until November and Jack hopes to personally deliver the toys to the children himself.

Jack would love to be able to present brand new toys, however he welcomes any donations that are of great quality and worthy of passing on.

If anyone would like to donate any items, please contact Jack via email at

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