From Hollywood to Glenbrook


Glenbrook might be a long way from the bright lights and tinsel of Hollywood, but it’s now a place to call home for Emma Barnet, local florist and owner of Flower Empire, who has spent many years working in the Costume Department in the film and television industry.

Emma’s roles were as a Costume Buyer, Costume Artist (special finishes) and Costume Stand-By on set, with her list of credits to rival any A-List celebrity. This included the feature films Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Superman, Wolverine, Australia, Great Gatsby, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Night We Called It A Day. Her television credits include Home and Away, All Saints, Young Lions, Wonderland, Puberty Blues, A Place to Call Home, Love Child and Doctor Doctor whilst she has worked on the mini series Mary Bryant, Alan Bond, Natalie Wood and The Silence.

“What I’ve enjoyed most about the movie industry is working in a team of mixed professions, whether it be make-up or the camera department, collaborating with the creatives and working with the actors. It’s always inspirational and your work place is always different with story telling and creating a make-believe world for people to get lost in” claimed Emma.

“My favourite memory was working on the Harry Potter set in London on the Diagon Alley scene which was filled with witches and wizards, owls and magic wands. I love working with historical costumes and my preference is to re-create clothing and a look from another time. Working on the set of Wolverine, where a Japanese snow village was recreated with Wolverine on the roof of a truck hurtling through the village in a snow storm was also a scene I will never forget!” she said.

Flowers, family and lifestyle helped in Emma’s decision to become a florist and open Flower Empire. She can now be near her home doing something that she loves and flexible with her career so that she can keep her hand in the costume industry. Emma has had her flowers feature on several television series, allowing her to cross over into both the creative industries she loves.

“Working with flowers is a joy and I love being around nature and making people happy. My other passion is teaching floristry workshops at Flower Empire. The courses available are floral crowns, bouquets, wedding flowers, Xmas wreaths and terrariums” she ended.

For more information about Flower Empire, visit The shop is located at 12a Ross Street in Glenbrook.

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