Additional Facilities for Doohan Reserve


Oran Park Town acknowledges that their residents love parks and play spaces. Last month, Camden Council gave the green light for additional facilities to be dedicated and built at Doohan Reserve over and above what was originally planned. The sportsground will include new cricket and footy fields, tennis courts and playgrounds. A new sporting mecca right here at Oran Park Town.

Landcom and Greenfields entered into an agreement with Camden Council called a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA). It means that Landcom and Greenfields as developers build facilities for Council upfront to benefit the community. Sir Jack Brabham Reserve, Gardner Reserve and Oran Park Library have been built using this agreement so far.

Doohan Reserve was originally proposed on 5.8 hectares, but that space wasn’t enough to fit all the facilities our residents need. They proposed dedicating 10.4 hectares, a much larger space. This change triggered a formal amendment to the VPA. The amended VPA went on public exhibition and recently was formally endorsed by Camden Council.

The new bigger and better Doohan Reserve can now be approved by Council. Tenders have already been let so construction should be underway in the first quarter of 2019. The build is expected to take 18 months.


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