A Man of Many Talents


They say that everyone has at least one talent in life. Local resident Stephen Bullock is proving that it’s possible to have more than one, and in his case it’s three, with the full-time school teacher also a talented photographer and an artist.

Picking up a camera in Year 12, Bullock’s interest in photography began to blossom in 2010, when he started as a semi-professional. A gifted artist at school, he didn’t pick up a pencil for around 15 years after Year 12. That was until his then 4-year-old daughter asked him to draw cartoons, which soon progressed to detailed portrait drawings.

“I’m a full-time teacher and love my job. Both photography and art were hobbies that have evolved into more and more work that I absolutely love doing as well. Photography is mainly weekend work. With my art, I manage to get an hour or two in each day to work on it. I’m conscious of my family time and getting the balance right is something I’m working on” explained Stephen.

Growing up watching David Attenborough documentaries and a fascination with wildlife, it’s easy to see that Stephen’s inspiration in both his photography and art is the natural world. This developed over the years after many trips to the zoo and anywhere else he could find time in nature.

Stephen’s photography business, Bullock Photos, is an amazing display of his work covering everything from sport, travel, wildlife and weddings. His artwork, which uses the medium of graphite, pastel pencils and colour pencils, is an array of detailed portraits of both people and animals.

“With both photography and art, what I love is the reaction and emotion that it results in. Completing a portrait drawing for someone or photographing a wedding both offer feelings of satisfaction when someone complements your work.

When you see the look on someone’s face when they see that image or artwork for the first time, that is priceless” he said.

For more information about Stephen’s work, visit www.bullockphotos.com. You can also find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stephenbullockphotos and www.facebook.com/Bullock-Drawings. On Instagram, you can catch him at @bullock_weddings and @bullock_drawings.

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