Thank You Perce


Over the past 15 years, Perce Denton has been the Captain of the Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade. Denton has been the trusted leader of a hard-working team of volunteers who put their lives on the line for the community in times of need. He recently made the decision to step aside as Captain at the Annual General Meeting in June, taking on the role as Deputy Captain. 

“Having the support and appreciation for the Brigade from the Llandilo community has been amazing. My new role will be Deputy Captain with duties like attending fire calls, the training of our new and junior members, public relations and fundraising activities. I am still involved as a Cumberland Zone RFS trainer, where I conduct training and assessing for chainsaw operators and on-road/off-road driver training for our Four 4WD vehicles” said Perce. 

“The Captain’s duties involve a substantial time commitment. I have chosen to spend this time with my family” he added. 

Perce’s time as Captain have seen many changes to the local area since 2003, including the establishment and growth of Jordan Springs.  

When asked what some of his highlights were as Captain, he listed having the support and co-operation of the Llandilo Brigade to carry out his role as an important one. There was also the celebration of 65 years of Llandilo Rural Fire Service at The Paceway in 2016, where an electronic and a hard copy of original minutes and history were created for their Brigade by Maralyn Tearle.  

Also, on his list was conducting search and storm operations, attending fires across New South Wales and Victoria and Waroona, Western Australia in 2016, supporting junior members at the National Cadet Championships and general community activities. 

“I’m going to miss the opportunity to respond first-hand to make a difference to the needs of others. The workload and responsibility of organising fire crews at short notice. I’m going to miss being called Captain” ended Perce. 

On behalf of the local community, we would like to thank you Perce Denton on your time as Captain of the Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade and wish you all the best for the future.  


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