Living with Lupus


Eleanor Cook is a beautiful, vibrant young woman from Oran Park, who at the age of 23 has struggled with health issues for a big part of her life. It has taken Ellie many years of doctors’ visits and testing to be diagnosed with Lupus.  

Ellie attributes this process to the autoimmune disorder being so complex and hard to understand, that it is often referred to as an ‘Invisible Disease’. Her broad range of symptoms include hair loss, extreme tiredness, muscular and joint pain and stiffness and memory exhaustion (brain fog). 

Although it is sometimes a struggle for Ellie to get out of bed in the mornings due to her chronic pain, she is determined to remain positive and live life to its fullest. She is a local Primary school teacher who loves her job and enjoys the fun and laughter the children in her class bring into her life every day. Ellie was recently married to her sweetheart of 9 years and she looks forward to the prospects of one day possibly starting a family.   

“I try to maintain a decent quality of life by managing my disease through plenty of rest, daily exercise, eating well and pain medication. I describe my disease as feeling like a young person living in an old person’s body” Ellie said. 

Ellie would like to raise awareness of Lupus and give hope to fellow sufferers out there. She finds solitude and support through social network groups on Instagram such as The Tired Girl Society, #lupusawareness and #fibromyalgia. Ellie also supports fundraising events that help research for Lupus. This includes the upcoming City to Surf on Sunday, August 12th, where you can run for charity or log on to and donate to The Lupus Association of NSW Inc. For more information on Lupus, go to 

Article by Elizabeth Turski 


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