New Car Wash for Silverdale


The local community now has a new car wash in town. Warradale Car Wash and Detailing opened for business on the 28th of April and are located just behind the service station on Silverdale Road in Silverdale. 

Warradale Car Wash and Detailing specialise not just in car washing, but also bringing paintwork to life and making your car’s interior look brand new again through their detailing service. This includes restoring faded paint, buffing, hand polishing, steam cleaning, leather treatments, rim restoration and much more. When getting your car detailed, this can add value to your vehicle when selling. 

“I’ve been living in Silverdale for the last 15 years. I’ve seen this local community flourish and the need for business in the area. The one thing that was in desperate need in the area was a car wash! With experience in detailing cars, I decided to take the big step into starting the car wash in Silverdale” said Joseph Jlailaty, Owner of Warradale Car Wash and Detailing. 

The short-term goals of the business are for Joseph and the team to meet and look after more locals and provide second to none results. Long term, he would like to create a relaxed environment with a café and food trucks. He would also like to host car meets and fundraisers a much as possible. 

“I enjoy working in our local community as it is a semi-rural area where everyone is friendly and close with each other. This is something that you don’t often get in other communities. I love meeting new people every day and catching up with my local friends” explained Joseph. 

Warradale Car Wash and Detailing are located at 2510 Silverdale Road in Silverdale. For more information about them, visit their Facebook page. 


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