Happy Birthday Glenmore Park Anglican Church


As followers of Jesus, it has always been our desire to make a positive impact in Glenmore Park. Jesus promises in the Bible that He came so we would have “life and have it to the full”.  Consistently this has been the experience of the many people who call Glenmore Park Anglican Church (GPAC) home. 

In 1992, a small but committed group of people began a regular Sunday morning church service in a local school. From May 1994 to April 1997, the Church service was held in the “garage” of our home! It was carpeted and air-conditioned making it an ideal place for us to meet together!  

In May 1997, we moved to our first Church building and by the end of that year we had two Sunday church services. In the early 2000’s, we’d grown to four Sunday services along with many activities for adults and young people right throughout the week. Finally, in 2011 our current church building was completed, providing more opportunities to connect with our community.  

Our annual birthday service is a celebration thanking God for the contribution of so many people who have made GPAC what it is today; a church of around 700 adults and children.  

But our Birthday Service is much more; it is an opportunity to celebrate Jesus; to celebrate the transformation, confident hope and peace Jesus brings. 

These are a few comments from people who belong to our church about why they celebrate Jesus; “I celebrate my Saviour Jesus because of His extravagant love for me. Jesus is kind, good and full of truth and grace. He surrounds me with His loving presence every moment of every day”, “Jesus is well worth celebrating because Jesus is a wonderful strength and solid rock I can depend on. His great sacrifice and grace has given me forgiveness and a wonderful hope that I am secure in Him” and “Jesus makes sense of life. Without Jesus life is just frustrating and ultimately meaningless”. 

Ultimately, we would love everyone to be able to celebrate Jesus and know the joy and hope that He brings. 

Rev John Lavender. 


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