Emma’s New Challenge


Jordan Springs’ Emma Randle is a champion athlete that loves a challenge. In five short years of competing in Karate, she reached the top of her sport as the Australian and National Champion and has now taken up the sport of rugby union for Penrith RSL. 

Emma first started Karate in 2013, at the age of 13, for IMC in Kemps Creek. Her hard work and dedication lead to her winning two World Cup belts in Koshiki Fighting and Kickboxing, where she was undefeated for 4 years. Emma was also awarded the World Cup Champion in Lightkick (Kickboxing), where she had to fight six girls, one after the other, without a break to win by knockout. 

“We are so very proud of our daughter Emma. She has achieved quite a lot in her time in martial arts. Her father and I decided recently that she needed a break, much to her heartbreak. She has just started her first year of playing rugby union” said Shemara Randle, Emma’s mother. 

So far, Emma has found trading the Karate gi for a footy jersey and shorts to be a different challenge, but one she is relishing and enjoying. 

“In martial arts, she was able to use her strength and focus to defeat her opponent. In rugby, there are more rules to follow and she also is navigating her place as the only girl in the team. She is a prop and gives the boys a big run for their money” added Shemara. 

Emma’s years of competing have brought her new friends from far and wide. She has always had a word of encouragement for whoever she has competed against through her sportsmanship. With plans to try out for rep footy already, we have no doubt Emma will once again reach the top. 

“Don’t let fear hold you back. Use the butterflies in your tummy to fight harder. Hold all the shyness in and smile because you might love it, and if you don’t, be proud that you tried!” ended Emma. 


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