We know the thought of ADVERTISING can be overwhelming... but we also know there are plenty of reasons why you should be! Here we tackle some of the most common questions business owners ask when it comes to print advertising:

Which publication should I advertise in?

Here at the District Gazette it's about all things local! You can advertise in any of our 5 PUBLICATIONS; it's totally up to you, your budget and your desired outcome. We all know that you can't be seen in a dark room, so consistency and repetition is the KEY. 

Where do I start?

We get it! First Stop.....check out our PACKAGES, designed to achieve your best bang for buck! With a saving of up to 15% and artwork included; we’ve made them fuss-free; just the way you like it. 

Looking for other options? Download our full MEDIA KIT if our popular packages haven’t hit the spot!

Where do the papers get delivered?

The District Gazette has been delivering local news and advertising direct to the letterbox of (now) 76,000 readers for over 20 years! We have 5 PUBLICATIONS that are all tailored specifically to the communities in which they are delivered. You can view our REACH online. We Live.Love.Local!

When is the deadline?

Deadline falls on/around the 15th of the month, but...... DON'T PANIC, give us a call if you think you're cutting it fine; where there's a will there's a way! We'd love to help get your message out in our next publication; we'll be sure to do all we can (and more) to squeeze you in!

Can I request a certain page or position in the Business Directory?

Absolutely! Unless requested, your advertisement will appear in our 'Standard Placement' format, at the liberty of our Designers when compiling the publication. In the Business Directory, 'Standard Placement' will see your ad appear in alphabetical order within your chosen category.

If you request a specific page; or a specific position (1st, 2nd or 3rd) within a Business Directory category - our Designers will allocate your ad inline with your request (guaranteed!).

We call this, 'Premium Placement'. Loading fees do apply and as they're popular, they are subject to availability. You'll find all the details in our MEDIA KIT.

When will it be delivered?

The District Gazette Publications are delivered MONTHLY from the 1st of the month, excluding January of every year. The entire distribution is expected to be completed within the first 7 days of the month.

I can't design my own ad, can you help?

We get it! You're an expert in your field; as are we in ours! Of course, we can definitely design your ad. All of our packages include artwork, so it's as hassle free as can be! And......... if you don't go with a package, we can still look after your artwork for a small fee, as outlined in our MEDIA KIT.

From here, all we need is a bit of an outline of what you would like to include (we call this your 'art brief'); along with any photos or logos you would like to include. You can leave the rest to us!  We know it's hard to picture how it will all come together, so, our design allows you to have ONE SET OF CHANGES if you need a few minor tweaks! Too easy.

How do I book?

Simply complete and return the BOOKING FORM via email (or call us); our Design team will be in touch shortly after and we will take care of the rest. It’s that EASY!