Benji Off To Big School


Benji Carr, of Mulgoa, has joined thousands of children across the State, starting Kindergarten for the first time this year. He began his journey on the 30th of January, attending Nepean Christian School. Benji has an older sister Grace, in Year 2 at NCS as well as a little brother Nate, who won’t start school until 2026.

Despite only graduating last year from Preschool, Benji already knows that when he grows up, he wants to be “a scientist and a ninja”. What is the local youngster looking forward to most about starting school? Benji said, “I’m excited to make new friends and to play with them at recess and lunch”.

Tarin, Benji’s Mum, explained that she is personally going to be very emotional with him starting school, saying, “I’m very excited to watch what amazing things he’s going to do, but I’m also sad I won’t have my cuddly boy with me every day.”

Tarin’s fondest memory of her own school beginnings was of her Kindergarten teacher and how special she made everyone feel in the class, “I know Benji will experience the same thing at NCS, as the teachers are absolutely amazing.”

Her advice to other parents with young children at or starting school is to “Take all the photos. Take photos throughout the year, and especially on the last day. Then, compare them all and watch how much your child has grown”.

According to enrolment data from December 2022 provided by the New South Wales Department of Education, it is estimated that 483,750 enrolled for primary school in 2023 with 64,872 of those being Kindergarten children.

Primary school is the first compulsory educational experience for Australian children. Attendance at school, especially primary school, gives children opportunities to develop the basic building blocks for learning and educational attainment, as well as social and emotional skills such as good communication, resilience, and teamwork.

We wish everyone starting school a wonderful start and fantastic year ahead.

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