A First for The George Centre: The New Private Hospital in Gledswood Hills


On Thursday the 2nd of August, The George Centre welcomed two new lives into the world – the first babies born in their new local private hospital.

Robin, a peaceful baby boy was delivered by caesarean section by Dr Yousif Kaisher and was the first baby to be born at The George Centre to Macarthur residents and first-time mum Bahar and dad Payam.

Dad Payam said, “We named our baby son Robin as we wanted a name that shared commonality with our Persian background and was also an Australian name. We also love the Persian meaning of the name which is ‘wise, learned’.”

Addison, a bubbly baby girl was the second baby (and first girl) delivered by caesarean section by Dr Saibal Ghosh to local mum and dad Sarah-Jane and Richard. Addison has an older sibling – a proud “big brother”.

“It was an exciting day for our healthcare team. The first babies delivered is always a thrilling time for everyone in a new maternity hospital.

“Most of all, it is great to know that the women in our community now have a choice to deliver their baby privately in the local area. Previously, their choices for private services involved their driving to Liverpool, Westmead, or Norwest, which is not ideal when you go into labour. Especially, given the uncertainty of the traffic on our roads and the time it may take to reach the birthing unit.

“We are also extremely grateful to be so well-supported by our local obstetricians, paediatricians and CMOs who have been pivotal in supporting our project and allowing pregnant women to have a choice”, said Michelle Stares CEO of The George Centre.

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