Ava’s Mission to Raise $10,000 for Charity


Wallacia student Ava Fowler has set an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 for charity and she is well on her way of achieving this.

The inspirational local is raising funds for Wigs 4 Kids, which is a part of Kids with Cancer Foundation. Wigs 4 Kids allows people to grow their hair and donate it to be used when making wigs for children, all whilst raising much needed funds for sick kids.

Ava has been growing her hair for the past two years and will have it cut this month, in aid of the charity.

“After two very long and painful years of growing her hair, we have agreed to set the date to cut Ava’s hair on the Saturday 20 May” said Luke Fowler, Ava’s father.

With the cost of $2,000 to produce one wig, Ava’s goal is to raise $10,000 to assist five children with wigs.

“At age 6, Ava first heard about donating hair through a YouTube clip and after some research, we managed to find the charity Wigs 4 Kids. Ava was moved by the incredible impact that a wig could make to a sick child’s quality of life and wanted to do something to help other children facing the struggles of illnesses and medications that cause hair loss” he explained.

“Since then, she has been determined to reach her goal of raising $10,000 in funds for the charity, which provides wigs free of charge to children affected by medical conditions such as Alopecia or cancer treatments. Drawing from her own experience watching her Grandmother go through the process of losing her hair and the mental effect it has had has provided Ava with the drive to deliver her goal” Luke added.

She is determined to reach her goal and help as many children as possible.

“We have already raised $2,000 of her goal and would like to help as many as we can. There are 1,000 children being diagnosed with a form of cancer per year in Australia and around 400,000 each year globally.

“Whilst Ava only has enough hair to create one wig, her mission is to raise $10,000 to provide 5 beautiful children with wigs. Yes, that is correct – it costs $2,000 to produce just 1 wig. Ava believes providing these wigs will enable these young kids to gain back some sense of normalcy and feel comfortable in their own skin once again” he replied.

The local community is welcome to get behind Ava and support her with her inspirational quest.

“Her passion and commitment have inspired many people around us, me included. Helping spread awareness about

Ava’s mission would make a huge difference for these children who are fighting their own battles. Together we can make their lives a little better” ended Luke.

Ava’s fundraising page can be found at: https://fundraise.kidswithcancer.org.au/s/3368/3416/e

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