Local Named Public School Parent of the Year


Glenmore Park’s Anthony Boros has received the Public School Parent of the Year Award at the 2022 Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence, held at Sydney Town Hall last month. The award is presented to parents, guardians and caregivers who have made a significant contribution to their local NSW public school community.

Mr Boros, who is the P&C President of Regentville Public School, was nominated for the award by Sandra Riches, earlier this year.

“It’s incredibly humbling to receive the recognition, however, as a passionate advocate for volunteering, I can wholeheartedly say that we don’t sign up as volunteers for any accolade or recognition. The additional workload, stress and time constraints aren’t dwelt upon, despite working full-time with a household of 5 school-aged children” explained Anthony.

“Although this award bears my name, and it was I who accepted it on-stage, I will absolutely share this recognition with my incredible wife Cherie, without whom, many of the amazing things we’ve achieved for our community, our school and the children within, would simply not have happened!” he continued.

He is a great advocate for the public school system and a role model to many.

“I am passionate about promoting and leading the Regentville Public School P&C, as we are a fantastic school with an extremely dedicated faculty of teachers and support staff. I have had lots of memorable moments in the past 11 years that I have been associated with the school” he said.

Anthony encourages fellow parents and carers to volunteer for their schools and join their local P&C’s, “Sign up and volunteer! I promise you that we are one of the most fun P&C’s of any school in the district. We have a strong, dedicated group of parents on our executive team, and we enjoy an excellent working relationship with school leadership”.

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