Community Bids Farewell to Mulgoa Veterinary Clinic


It was the end of an era for Mulgoa Veterinary Clinic, with the much-loved business closing its doors last month.

The local clinic was purchased by Dr Bernice Blom on 4th January in 2005 from Dr Christou. Dr Christou opened the vet 11 years before in 1994. Back then, it started its humble beginnings at the back of Mulgoa Shopping Village, before growing and moving.

Whilst the clinic was owned by Dr Christou, Dr Blom began her veterinary career. She had spent 28 years working in veterinary services in the area, before making the heartbreaking decision to close the clinic.

“A national crisis of vet and nurse availability, COVID, the impact of the weather and health issues which included fracturing my wrist multiple times and needing surgery have contributed towards the decision” explained Dr Blom.

“I tried to sell the clinic and find a vet to buy it and grow the business. We just couldn’t keep it going. It was a devastating choice to make. I have sought leads for jobs for my existing staff once they leave. A beautiful family has bought the property to make it their new home” she continued.

There have been many incredible memories that Dr Blom and her staff have had over the years at the business.

“I have had everything from budgies to elephants at the clinic and everything else in between. I’ve microchipped lions.

Had a tiger in the reception area. I’ve worked with the animals at Luddenham Show. We’ve assisted the birth of puppies and taken the dogs throughout their whole lives. Clients who were children when they first came here have grown up to be adults with their own children. It has been a blessing and a privilege to serve the community and work here for the past 17 years” reflected Dr Blom.

Dr Blom has always wanted to be a Vet and hopes to continue to practice in the future.

“I knew that I wanted to be a Vet from the age of 11 years old. Some said I wouldn’t be, and I proved them all wrong. I have been involved for 45 years in the industry. I will vet again” she stated.

She wished to thank the local community for all their support over the decades.

“Thank you so much. I have always felt welcomed and part of the community. Very loved. I cannot say enough how thankful I am. I will miss each and everyone of you” Dr Blom ended.

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