New Church Here for Christmas


What’s the new building on Silverdale Road, you might ask?

That was a question for a while there and thankfully they have managed to put up a sign. Now it’s clear that it’s a new church building. Grace West Anglican Church to be precise.

‘When is it going to open?’ has been the next question. It has looked ready to open for several months now. The recent lockdown and restrictions have delayed the opening.

The people of Mulgoa Church, now Grace West Anglican Church, following their merge with Glenmore Park Anglican Church, have spent 35 years planning, and giving towards the building of Silverdale Church.

There have been a few false starts, different blueprints, and doubts over whether they could afford to build at all.

“Thanks to the perseverance of many, we actually have a finished building. A church building in the heart of Silverdale where we can gather together to worship God, grow in our love and understanding of Jesus Christ and reach out to serve the community of Silverdale and beyond” said John Mahoney of Grace West Anglican Church Silverdale.

“And wouldn’t you know it, just in time for Christmas!” he added.

They will be around for the Christmas season, even though they aren’t officially launching till late January next year.

On the 17th and 18th of December, they will have Christmas lights set up on the church grounds. You can grab a picnic blanket and some dinner and join them to celebrate Christmas under the stars. There will also be a jumping castle and treats ready for the young and young at heart.

On Christmas Eve, they will have a Twilight Carols Service at 7:30pm at St Thomas Mulgoa. Then on Christmas day, they will have a family service at Grace West Anglican Church Silverdale at 9:30am.

Grace West Anglican Church Silverdale is located at 2265 Silverdale Road in Silverdale.

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