Panther Proud


With the Penrith Panthers now crowned the 2021 NRL Premiers, fans from across the community have been proudly showing their support by decorating their homes in Panthers colours. None prouder than the Christie family in Emu Plains.

Amy and Ben Christie and their children Charlie and Matilda recently decorated their home, as a homage to the Penrith Panthers recently making the NRL Finals. All this complete with a giant Panther, nicknamed Pete, who adorns their front yard.

“It started with some flags and giant heads from Enzo at Montana Signs. Then, I think being stuck at home due to lockdown, I kept adding to it every day” explained Amy to the Emu and Leonay Gazette.

“We ended up with balloons, coloured fence, signs, flags and a giant Panther with a bunny hanging out his mouth, which belongs to my Dad. It had to be transported on his tow truck as it weighs over 1.5 tonne!” she continued.
Amy has been a proud Panthers supporter all her life.

“I’ve grown up living in a Panthers household. My Dad is a massive Panthers supporter and now our Son and Daughter both love their Panthers. Being born in the Lower Mountains, Penrith were our team, that’s just how it goes.

We’ve supported them our whole lives and will continue to pass the love onto our children” Amy smiled.

The community support for the Christie’s display has been amazing and well received.

“We were meeting new people in the neighbourhood, getting gifts and even decorations to add to the house. It was so lovely to see. To be honest, that was why I kept adding. So many people have struggled with this lockdown. If we could bring a smile to someone’s face, all the balloons and effort were worth it” she said.

“Watching the Panthers win the premiership was surreal. My Husband and I can still remember where we were in 2003. To experience it with our kids was just amazing.

“We look forward to next season, where we can get to more games in person and, of course, continue our support with our children for the boys” Amy ended.

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