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Chronic Migraine – Could it Really Have a Simple Solution?


This article was inspired by a patient who has suffered ongoing debilitating migraines for some years. The patient attended the clinic while in the middle of a 4-day migraine attack, which had been preceded by visual aura. Her severe headache was accompanied by photophobia (sensitivity to light) and bouts of nausea and vomiting. The patient had spent a considerable amount of time suffering on her bathroom floor, sick and in semi-darkness. Medications had been ineffective, and she was desperate for relief.

The Greek word for migraine is ‘hemikrania’ and comes from the Greek roots hemi (half) and kranion (skull or head) literally ‘half the head’. Our modern term migraine defines a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side (or area) of the head, often with intense pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines are of two types, those:

1. with aura – called classic migraine
2. without aura called common migraine

Auras are visual-field or other disturbances that usually strike before the migraine itself:
• Flashes of light
• Shimmering spots or stars
• Blind spots (scotomas), with simple geometric designs
• Zigzag lines floating across the visual field
• Other changes in vision, or
• Vision loss

But can include other temporary symptoms:
• Numbness, typically felt as tingling in a hand or one side of the face that may spread slowly along a limb
• Speech or language difficulty
• Muscle weakness

4.9 million Australians suffer migraines, 71% are women, 86% of working age. 7.6% of migraine sufferers experience chronic migraine (≥15 migraine days-per-month). The estimated $35.7 billion personal and financial costs Australia-wide are staggering:
o $14.3 billion in health system costs
o $16.3 billion of productivity costs
o $5.1 billion other costs

Unfortunately, these costs are likely needlessly incurred as the majority of migraines are generally easily treated, usually without pain killers. The above patient was given a full body remedial treatment with appropriate additional Muscle Elongation Therapy applied to specific head, neck, and shoulder muscles. Immediately following treatment, all migraine symptoms had abated and the patient sat smiling and yawning ready for home and sleep. If you’ve been suffering migraine or other headaches, feel free to call the clinic. Next month well take a further look at what science says about migraine cause.


Article Written + Submitted by:

Andreas Klein Nutritionist + Remedial Therapist from Beautiful Health + Wellness
P: 0418 166 269

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