Our Next Generation of Firefighters


With the aftermath of the recent NSW bushfires still raw, an amazing show of triumph over tragedy has taken place in the local community. Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade held their 2021 Cadets Open Day last month and 26 aspiring firefighting cadets came forward, with the support of their parents and guardians in attendance.

“On the day, they were taken through the ins and outs of the cadet’s program and what it means to be a member of the Rural Fire Service. Our cadets were then given the opportunity to participate in basic firefighting techniques and were introduced to our appliances and various firefighting equipment” said Jelena Borovicanin, of Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade.

Following the information session, the Llandilo Brigade received 17 applications, which brings the total of their cadet team to 21. They anticipate that more applications will be received over the coming weeks.

“The Cadets Program is a great opportunity for children and young people to connect with their community and develop a sense of social responsibility and volunteerism, whilst learning about fire safety/prevention and developing practical life skills. Not only do our cadets participate in operational support activities like community engagement, social events and brigade training, our team also participates in Cadet National/State Championships which are loads of fun!” explained Jelena.

Llandilo RFB take pride in their cadet team, with a strong emphasis on having fun and teamwork whilst fostering an environment that promotes development, growth, fire safety/awareness and social responsibility. This ensures that their brigade is prepared, capable and engaged now and into the future.

“The opportunity to coach and mentor our cadet program allows our Cadet Program Leaders to further give back to our community. It’s already amazing to see the confidence boost from our aspiring cadets through their brief engagement and we are very much excited to see our cadets grow and progress into junior firefighters as they turn 16” Jelena ended.

For those that missed the Cadet Open Day and are interested in joining in on the fun, contact NSWRFS – Llandilo Brigade on Facebook.

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