It’s All Rock & Roll for Ethan



At just 13 years of age, Harrington Park student Ethan Kapitanow is well on his way of one day becoming a professional musician. The young guitarist recently played live at Camden Shorts and is working hard to follow his dreams.

Ethan, who plays electric, acoustic and bass guitar, first picked up a guitar 4 ½ years ago and has never looked back since.

“My parents took me to a shop to buy my first guitar and that’s where I met David who helped me pick one to start on.

For a month after, I kept asking them for lessons with David because I liked how he spent the time with me in the shop to learn a couple of notes. Since then, I have learnt so much about music from him and the teachers at Macarthur Music Academy” said Ethan to the Oran Park Gazette.

The dedicated teenager practices playing his guitar every day as well as weekly lessons.

“David is very encouraging and always challenges me with new techniques to learn. Sometimes other teachers come into the lesson and we play as a band. Twice a year the academy holds concerts and I get to play my guitar on stage in front of others” Ethan explained.

His live music journey began this year, playing at the Cars That Care charity event for YAMHS (Youth Adolescent Mental Health Support) at Luddenham Showground and at Camden Council’s Camden Shorts live performances for young people at the Camden Civic Centre. With the support of his family, Ethan now has his own social media sites where he can play his favourite songs for people online.

Ethan’s prized possession is his Gibson Slash Les Paul, which comes as no surprise that Slash, the famed Guns N Roses musician is his favourite guitarist.

“Slash inspired me to learn to play guitar using different techniques” he said.

“I want to take people away from their busy lives and help them to experience music the way I do, to relax and be happy through listening to the music I play” Ethan finished.

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