Local Mum Making a Difference


Mother’s Day is a time to reflect, recognise and thank mothers and grandmothers across the country for all that they do. Their selfless acts and love that they share bind our families together. Leonay resident Pam Savage is one such mum and a true, unsung hero.

Pam, who has two children, Brett (42) and Renae (41) and 5 grandchildren, works tirelessly for Tour de Cure, a national movement of people who walk, run, ride, and swim to raise awareness and support to help find a cure for cancer.

“I have been participating in Tour de Cure for 11 years now and have been part of 35 tours. 11 of them being our Signature Tour, which is our yearly major tour and the rest being Regional and Corporate Tours. Over the years, the funds that I’ve helped raise would be in excess of $35,000. In 15 years, Tour de Cure have raised over $68 million” explained Pam to the Emu and Leonay Gazette.

Pam’s husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. She was introduced to Tour de Cure in 2010 when her son Brett rode in the Signature Tour that year. After sadly losing her husband in 2011, she wanted to help find a cure.

“I took the opportunity to become involved in 2011 by being part of the support team – navigating or driving the support vehicles along with other duties and functions. I don’t want other families to go through what myself and my family went through because of this insidious disease” Pam said.

“Along with all the wonderful people I have met and the many sad stories I have heard, I can’t see myself stopping in the near future. With the monies being given for cancer research, we now visit schools to promote our program – ‘Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy’ and have spread the word to over 160,000 children” she continued.

The lifesaving work that Pam and many others do relies upon money that is donated. It means more research and care can be spent to help Australians live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

“I’m asking that you consider a donation that impacts the lives of many. So far, our funded researchers have achieved 45 breakthroughs in cancer research and have funded 554 projects. Your donation will make a difference” Pam ended.

You can support Pam and Tour de Cure by visiting: https://www.tourdecure.com.au/profile/?memberId=50853&tourId=1037

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