One Funny Little Book


Oran Park author Renee Garcia has just published her first children’s book, amusingly titled ‘Snot Nose Fart Bums’.
Inspired by Renee’s son Nate, the book tells of a little snot nosed boy who laughs about farts, whilst learning about manners and hygiene. With illustrations from local Jay Mielczarek, it’s a book that every child will laugh at and every parent can relate to.

“As a Mum of two boys, our house is always full of farting. My son Nate has always been a kid who had snotty noses.

Every night since he was born, we would read him a book. Sometimes we would sing, and we would make up these funny little poems. We started playing around with some words about how he is always snotty, and the sounds farts make” Renee smiled.

“Eventually, our words become sentences and as we added it started to flow into a poem. We got to a point where I thought it would be a great gift to turn this into a book for Nate to keep. Snot Nose Fart Bums was created, and the self-publishing journey began” she added.

After 5 years of creating and perfecting the layout and finding the perfect illustrator (Jay Mielczarek AKA Jayboy, a local tattoo artist), they finally launched the book on 18th December, just before Christmas last year.

“We were overwhelmed with the hype and turn out we received at our book launch event held at Mount Annan Marketplace. Our book is now available to purchase on our website at We have been so thrilled with the response and have even sent books to some fans in the USA” said Renee.

Renee and Jay have received some great feedback from adults and children. They particularly love the bright illustrations and the funny words.

“Our plan is to create a Snot Nose Fart Bums series that will follow the common relevant events that occur in children in their everyday life, that teaches lessons and important values that both kids and parents can connect with” ended Renee.

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