Tara’s Ready for Business


At just 13 years of age, Glenmore Park student Tara Pease is proving that it’s never too early to start your own business, having created Delicious Doggy Delights.

The budding kidpreneur makes and sells her own healthy dog treats and she already has some local fans, including our four-legged friends.

“I started Delicious Doggy Delights about one month ago because I wanted to help make dogs healthy by giving them a special treat to eat. I was just selling to family and friends to start with and before long, people started telling other people and we had some very happy dogs. It has now really taken off” said Tara to the Glenmore Gazette.

Tara makes her own range of products at home, which include three treat and two jerky flavours.

“I currently have three different treat flavours which are Peanut Butter Nibbles, Cheesy Delight and Pea-nana and they are $5 a bag. I also have two flavours of jerky which are beef and beef/liver and it is $10 a bag. Some weeks I have specials, which are different flavours and they sell quickly. The most popular product so far is the Peanut Butter Nibbles” she explained.

Jessica Pease, Tara’s Mother, could not be any prouder of her daughter starting a business at such a young age, “I’m extremely impressed that she is so motivated to produce the products and sell them. Tara has a love of animals and has always been a creative young girl. This is a very fitting project for her in combining both traits. It’s also teaching her about money and giving her a healthy respect for earning and spending”.

So, what advice does Tara have for other teenagers that are thinking of starting their own businesses?

“Just go for it, no matter what anyone says. It never hurts to try new things” she smiled.

For more information or to purchase Tara’s products, search ‘Delicious Doggy Delights’ on Facebook and Instagram.

“Oh, Mum said she will deliver inside Glenmore Park for free to help me out too” Tara added.

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