Glenmore Park Public School Bringing Hope


What began as a desire to help local families fleeing domestic and family violence has led to Project Hope, a community wide initiative to help domestic violence victims set up their new homes.

Project Hope began at Glenmore Park Public School when a local family was forced to flee their home right before the COVID-19 restrictions tightened. Within days, Principal of Glenmore Park Public School Natalie Mansour and Learning and Support Teacher Natalie Watson rallied and completely furnished this family’s new home.

As word spread of GPPS’s new initiative, they were inundated with new furniture from businesses, interior designers, and display homes to donate to survivors of domestic and family violence. As Project Hope quickly expanded, two shipping containers were quickly filled, and the items were donated to families in need.

Together with the Haven, Penrith Women’s Health Centre and Westcare, Project Hope has been able to help 5 families in the community set up new homes in just a few short months.

As Project Hope has continued to expand, additional storage space has become crucial to keep up with the increased support and need.

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies, announced a $9,344 discretionary grant provided by the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, to enable Project Hope to purchase an additional shipping container and the provision of a concrete slab.

“Domestic and family violence is a terrible and terrifying experience for anyone, especially children. I am so proud that Glenmore Park Public School is taking action to help families in such a practical way to give back dignity and hope” Tanya Davies said.

Principal of Glenmore Park Public School, Natalie Mansour welcomed the funding to expand Project Hope.

“Project Hope aims to support local community members during difficult times and is run by a group of compassionate staff at Glenmore Park Public School, who want wellbeing and educational success for all” Natalie Mansour said.

“We are dreaming big and focusing on building a better tomorrow”.

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