Sisters Make Letter Writing Fun Again


When you were growing up as a kid, do you remember the excitement of the postman delivering a letter to the mailbox, personally addressed to you? It was like Christmas all over again, as you’d open it up to read it, before grabbing a pen and paper to reply. Sadly, letters were replaced by emails over the years and the art of writing a letter has declined.

Three local sisters from Blaxland, Penny, Alice and Claire Jager, are bringing it all back. The students have started P.A.C Pals, where they have begun writing letters and drawing pictures to share with their new friends.

“If online home schooling was not enough, I thought to myself about how the lack of seeing friends and connecting socially was hard for my girls. I felt that a personal way that they could stay in touch was through writing letters. It also gave them the opportunity to make new friends too” said Jillian Jager, the girls’ mother.

P.A.C (an acronym for Penny, Alice and Claire) Pals has allowed the girls to be creative through sharing stories, writing poetry and drawing pictures. The simple act of placing a stamp on an envelope and popping it into the street posting box has become an exciting event, particularly whilst we are all self-isolating at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

At this stage, the Jager sisters have posted nine letters and they hope to do more in the future. Their mother Jillian has also created a Facebook group for families and friends.

“It’s such an uncertain time for little people. They aren’t socialising as they should, and online learning means that letter writing isn’t the norm right now. Pens and paper have been replaced by a keyboard. There’s a personal touch associated with writing and sending letters. Who doesn’t like a surprise in your home letterbox?” shared Jillian.

For more information about P.A.C Pals, email Jillian at

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