Parents Corner

  • How are you all doing in the current conditions?
  • What are you doing well?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What could you do better?
    Where are the points of conflict in the family relationships? And why?
  • I am wondering if most conflict is caused by expectations that aren’t communicated well?

We can become unstuck when we have really high expectations and low warmth and affection. There is no payoff for doing the right thing.

I am seeing some families thriving. They are spending more quality time together where they are enjoying each other’s company. They get school work done in the morning which leaves the afternoons for play. They play board games. Kids are kept busy with simple activities in the home and outdoors. They are taking advantage of the activities offered on the internet and Facebook. The parents are reflecting on what is going well and what they could do differently. They are having family meetings to sort out any problems as they go along.

Some families are loving not having the pressure of packing lunchboxes, getting out the door, getting in the door, getting dinner ready to make sure the kids are bathed and in bed to do it all again the next day.

Everything is more fluid and parents are going with their children’s natural rhythms. They are doing the ‘we are in this together’ slogan in the home with a lot of fun and humour thrown in.

“Though this is a scary time, it could very well be a time they remember as the best time in their life.” (Author unknown)

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Narelle Smith | Family Practitioner




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