Out of this World!


It is still possible to have fun at home whilst we are all self-isolating. Even the most boring of jobs, that is taking out the bin each week, has now become an event. People all around the world are encouraged to dress up and add a little flair when wheeling the bin out. This phenomenon first gained popularity right here in Australia and you could say that Glenmore Park residents Jennifer Sargeant and David Delaney have taken this to new heights!

David recently dressed as an astronaut, complete with a full spacesuit, when taking the bin out. The momentous occasion was filmed by Jennifer, his partner, and posted online on Facebook in the Bin Isolation Outing group.
The video was filmed in one take and was welcomed by the group, which boast almost 1,000,000 members worldwide, before going viral.

“As soon as my friend told us about the group, I thought what a great idea it would be to post a video for everyone to enjoy. Well, it blew up and I remember it hit 500 likes in a matter of minutes. It’s now had over 6,000 likes, 500 shares and thousands of views” explained Jennifer.

“David was born in 1969, which was also the year that man first walked on the moon. We thought, instead of having a moon landing, why not have a bin landing! Everyone knows what a spacesuit is and it’s relatable and has a global theme. It all just made sense” she smiled.

The spacesuit was originally purchased online last year for David’s 50th birthday and used for a fancy-dress party.

“It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to put on and can get quite hot in there. Even though the video was filmed in the morning, I was still sweating” said David.

The video was made even more realistic with David improvising by walking slowly like an astronaut, just like Neil Armstrong did all those years ago on the moon. Once pushing his bin to the end of the driveway, he placed an Australian flag to mark the achievement.

“My only request to Jennifer before she filmed the video was that she had to yell out ‘Action’ at the start” David chuckled.

Jennifer and David both agree that the purpose of the light-hearted video was to help put a smile on people’s faces during this difficult time.

“We had so much fun making this and hope that it brings just as much joy to watch. We encourage everyone in the community to give it a go and try it. The world needs it right now” they ended.

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