School is in for Brooklyn


School bells are ready to ring, and playgrounds are soon to be filled as a new year of children eagerly await to start Kindergarten for the first time across the country. One of those children is Brooklyn Kershaw, who will be attending Regentville Public School.

Brooklyn is excited about her new journey ahead and there’s so much she is already looking forward to. Her first day, craft, making new friends, new classroom, buying stuff from the canteen, joining the choir and learning to write and maths are all on her list. “I’m a bit nervous, but I know everything will be OK and I’ll be safe” she smiled.

“As a teacher myself, I’ve prepared her socially and emotionally more than anything else. It’s always important to make sure a child is ready to thrive rather than survive at big school” said Rebecca Kershaw, Brooklyn’s Mum.

Starting school for the first time can be just as nervous for parents as it is for their children. It’s not uncommon for Mums and Dads to shed a tear as they wave goodbye.

“It is exciting! But let’s face it, it’s nerve wracking and emotional for a Mum to let go of their baby into the hands of the education system for the next 13 years. I have fears but am equally as ready to watch her go on and make her mark on this world. I look forward to all the challenges she will take on to make both myself and her own self proud” explained Rebecca.

“One thing I’m certain of is that she will skip happily off to class with her teacher on that first day and I’ll be burying my head in a box of tissues!” she added.

Brooklyn, who enjoys drawing, singing and dancing, has already set herself some lofty ambitions of what she wants to be when she finishes school.

“I want to be an archeologist, a policewoman or a vet” she ended.

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