Big School Calling for Rio


Do you still remember your first day at school?

For many of us, it’s a day we’ll never ever forget. The first step of a journey that will change our lives forever. Thousands of children across the state and country are about to start this same journey. Rio Cook is one of those children, counting down the days until he starts at big school.

This year, Rio will join his older brothers Luca (11) and Jonas (6) at Warragamba Public School. After watching on, he finally gets to join them together for the first time as students. Rio loves books and he can’t wait to learn how to read.

“Rio attended the Orientation Days at Warragamba Public School with his friends and teachers from Warragamba Preschool. He is quite familiar with the school due to both of his brothers attending there” said Kimberley Cook, Rio’s Mum.

Rio also enjoys riding his BMX, scooters, swimming and tinkering with his Pa in the shed.

Starting school for the first time can be a nervous time, not just for the children, but also for their parents as well. It’s not uncommon for Mums and Dads to shed a tear once or twice when they wave goodbye. In Kimberley’s case, it can be easier with your third child.

“As Rio’s Mum, when he starts school for the first time, I will feel excited for the next chapter of his life and maybe a little sad that my little guy is growing up. I’m much more relaxed the third time around” Kimberley replied.

Rio already knows what he wants to do when he finishes school. He loves anything to do tools or the Army.
“He could be a tradie or in the Army” added Kimberley.

The Cook family appreciate living in the local area and they see Rio and his brothers going to school here as the perfect fit.

“The Warragamba and Silverdale area is very family friendly. It’s a small town, where people know your name. I think we are very lucky here in terms of the community facilities and the opportunities we have” ended Kimberley.

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