Rob’s Scouting Adventure


Local Glenmore Park resident, Rob Rigby, has lived in the Penrith area his whole life. His day job is as a TAFE heavy vehicles and plant teacher; however, this 44-year-old married man with 3 boys, has a passion for all things outdoors and adventure. Some of his main hobbies are cycling, going to the gym, mixed netball and most surprisingly, scouting.

Rob has been involved with Scouts NSW for 10 years. He started off as the group treasurer and then became a Scout Section Leader before moving to Cubs 3 years ago. He is currently the Panther Pack Cub Scout Leader at 1st South Penrith Scouts and is known by the Cubs as Rock. Rob explained to the Glenmore Gazette, “I got involved with Scouts because my older kids joined Scouts. Unlike many leaders who were Scouts as youth members, I had no background in scouting before 2009”. Not being a Scout as a youth meant some of the skills other people already possessed, Rob had to learn. Some of these included tying knots and paddling skills when canoeing.

Out of all the engaging outdoor activities Scouts has to offer, canoeing is Rob’s favourite. He also enjoys getting out in nature by hiking and camping; having the backdrop of the Blue Mountains and Nepean River to our suburb, we are certainly not short of places to explore. Rob encourages everyone to give scouting a try, “Scouting is something I encourage all kids and adults to try. Getting outside and out of my comfort zone has been an experience I can’t put a price on”.

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