Big Boost to Bass Stocking!


Over the past two stocking seasons, NSW DPI has been releasing Australian bass into Glenmore Loch, located in Glenmore Park, as part of the Native Fish Stocking Program.

Over this time, DPI staff have been monitoring the success of fish releases at different life cycle stages after hatching. In 2017, bass fry were released at 90 days after hatching (25mm) compared to 2018 when released at 55 days after hatching (15mm).

Recent monitoring has been successful with catches of bass revealing both size classes. The successful release of both size classes will now allow DPI staff to continue stocking earlier and to maximise production in the hatchery at Port Stephens. This will allow for greater numbers of bass to be released with obvious benefits to recreational fishing throughout NSW.

As well as continuing to stock at Glenmore Loch, DPI will this season stock up to 40 eastern impoundments with 350,000 juvenile bass, ensuring we all enjoy great fishing opportunities for this hugely popular native species.
DPI’s Native Fish Stocking Program is a fantastic example of your licence fees at work.

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