More than just Grass Cutters


When you think of motor racing, cars, motorcycles and even trucks come to mind. Did you know that you can also race ride-on lawn mowers? That’s right, the trusty ride-on mower that we all use to cut the grass can also be modified to race. We also have our very own club, right here in the community.

Mower Mania is a local ride-on mower racing club that comes together to meet at least once a month at Luddenham Showground. They attend Agricultural Shows to put on demonstration races which helps to promote their club. They have both male and female drivers and their membership fees are very reasonable. All members are required to race Standard Class for at least 12 months before stepping up to faster classes.

“I started racing about 2 and a half years ago. I had been looking for a hobby to keep myself occupied as I live alone. I had looked at the Mens Shed, but their main activities revolved around woodwork” said Ian Munro, member of Mower Mania.

“I have been involved in motor racing one way or another since I was about 19. My neighbour was having a problem with his ride-on and offered it to me for the right price. At the age of 67, my children think that I should slow down, but that’s not going to happen” Ian smiled.

There are several makes of ride-on mowers that are used within the club. If it has four wheels and a steering wheel, it should qualify, although it is better to contact a member to see if there are any problems.

“One of the problems with most types of racing is the expense. This is one of the cheapest forms of racing I have found, and the other racers tend to treat everyone as family. Winning is good too” ended Ian.

For more information about Mower Mania, contact Ian Munro on 0405 183339 or Daniel Meic 0451 473266.

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