Local Family Leading the Community One Eco Step at a Time


An increasing number of Australian households are looking for natural cleaning products, in a bid to reduce toxic chemicals in their homes and minimise their impact on the environment. Family-run business, TRUEECO, has created the solution to help you take a very simple eco step forward.

Oran Park locals, Rodrigo and Dimitria Yanez created TRUEECO at the beginning of this year, encouraging their ‘tribe’ of customers to reduce, reuse and recycle by developing their own non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products.

“We created TRUEECO to share the gift of safe cleaning with Australian families, looking to not only clean their homes but help clean the world by reducing the use of single use plastic bottles” the pair explained. The team has created three eco alternatives so far, with plans to expand further. TRUEECO products include The Everyday Cleaner, The Dog and Cat Surface Cleaner, which eliminates urine, and their TRUEFOAM antibacterial foam sanitiser.

TRUEECO has created an incredible ‘Save a Bottle’ campaign, providing a kit which will allow customers to convert a water bottle or a soft drink bottle into an eco-friendly cleaning solution. The kit includes spray trigger, 25ml Concentrate and an Eco Tag explaining how to create your own product. “Through TRUEECO, we aim to save 1 million bottles from ending up in landfill” Rodrigo and Dimitria revealed. Customers can pick up their kits from shows or expos that TRUEECO attend or can simply visit the TRUEECO website and only pay for shipping costs.

Dimitria and her family have also been participating in local markets and fairs to educate the community about the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. Impressing organisers at TRUEECO’s very first market appearance at the Camden Show, the team was awarded 3rd prize for their commercial display.

This September, the Yanez family will be taking their incredible eco cleaning products to the national market at the Brisbane Eco Expo – Australia’s largest sustainability expo. Brisbane Eco Expo will take place from 13-15th September and will include thousands of eco-friendly products, a Lifeline $2 Clothing Sale, the Eco Pledge, a Vegan Market and food trucks for all taste buds, as well as special guest speakers with sustainability masterclasses, cooking demonstrations, DIYs and seminars.

To find out more about TRUEECO, visit https://www.trueeco.com.au and to find out more about the Brisbane Eco Expo, visit https://savetheworldexpo.com.au.

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