Local Mums Taste Success


Local businesswomen, Justine Milne and Sara Drebber know what it’s like to juggle a busy family, manage a household and run a successful business. The two talented Glenmore Park residents have recently been recognised as outstanding leaders in their respective fields at the 2019 Penrith Local Business Awards. Justine received the award, Outstanding Sole Trader for her business Justine Milne Marriage Celebrant, and Sara the Outstanding Education Service award for her business edUcatered. Both ladies are absolutely thrilled to be recognised for all their hard work and dedication in their chosen fields.

Being a mum in business is certainly not without its challenges. Justine told the Glenmore Gazette, “There are never enough hours in the day, so time management is my biggest challenge. I’ve found being super organised and planning for every detail helps. We live on a schedule and it works for us – we all know what is happening and when.

I’ve spoken to many busy local mums in business and got many tips about what they do, and it seems the key is organisation!” Sara agrees, “I am a super organised person, so we have everything in a calendar which is shared within our family. I am also fortunate to have the support of my husband and mum when it comes to getting the children to their various activities in the afternoon during the week when I am working. If I didn’t have these structures in place, we just wouldn’t function smoothly as a family. I make sure I schedule in quality time as a family and time to myself”.

Funnily enough, Justine and Sara had never met before winning these awards despite both having so much in common – they have children of similar age attending the same school, both are managers of their sons’ local sport teams and both have been living in Glenmore Park for just over 12 years. Having young children and running a business, both ladies lead very busy and active lives but make time to enjoy the community we live in and look after themselves. Justine enjoys taking time-out for herself at the gym or doing a yoga class, whilst Sara enjoys having a quiet coffee at a local café whilst reading a book or meeting a friend.

This is Justine’s fifth year in business and second award. A few months ago, she was named #1 Sydney Celebrant from the Bride’s Choice Awards and was also a finalist in the Local Business Awards in 2018 before taking home the winner’s trophy this year. For Sara, after only two years in business, this is her first award; she was a finalist in the 2018 Local Business Awards and a finalist in the 2019 Altitude Awards only a few months ago. Both women attribute their success to their commitment to their roles and passion for people and community. Justine and Sara are excited to see where the next chapter takes them and extend their thanks to those who put their trust in them by engaging their services.

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