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Who would have thought that some friendly banter between a couple of mates about sport would one day turn into one of the most popular, local podcasts in the area?

Armchair Champions started their podcast in 2018 and are now in their second season. The program has already gathered a cult-like status amongst local sports enthusiasts and can be found on podcast platforms like Spotify.

“We always talk about sports and stars with mates over a beer, so we thought we would turn that into a podcast, offering unbiased opinions on the hot topics in sport” said Brett “The Captain” McVea of Armchair Champions.

The Armchair Champions cast is made up of Brett “The Captain” McVea, Michael “The Sheriff” Taylor, Greg “The Viper” Taylor, Richard “The Unit” Mortimer and Troy “Radar” Worner. They record every Tuesday at their studio in Emu Plains.

Already, their list of guests reads like a who’s who of Australian sport and includes Bec Cleary (who holds the record still for the most downloads), Ivan Cleary, Nathan Cleary, Tim Grant, Josh Morris, Jeff Fenech, Mark Winterbottom, Paul Sironen, Royce Simmons, Eric Grothe Snr, Dale Shearer, Ted Richards, James Te Huna, Brett Kenny, Mark Geyer, Andrew Ryan, Brad Drew, Colin Vandervoort, Mitch Barnett, Rob Beveridge, James Hooper, Gus Worland, Sam McKendry, Brian Fletcher, Dave O’Neill and more.

“We’ve had fun with all of them, but the Cleary’s, Mark Geyer and Tim Grant have had the most laughs with us” said Brett to the Emu and Leonay Gazette.

International sports superstars Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are top of their list of dream interviewees. Locally, it’s Andrew Johns and Gary Ablett Jr that feature.

“We’ve been approached to do some live shows at venues, so that would be a great experience for the team. We’ve also got some merchandise in the pipeline too” ended Brett.

We have no doubt there will be more high-profile sportspeople interviewed by the team in the future.

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