Believe in Yourself!


A few years ago, Glenmore Park’s Karen Jack was excited to launch her photography business.

As part of showcasing her business, she applied to a professional photography membership association, where she submitted 10 photographs that would be judged.

“Feeling nervous but thrilled, I was knocked down and crushed a few weeks later to read ‘Learn photography!’ on a few of my images and nothing else. I went through a multitude of emotions. I wanted to put my camera in the cupboard. There were professional photographers who put doubt in my head that I wasn’t capable or skilled.

“I came to the determined conclusion that these comments will not stop me from following my passion” said Karen.
Since that day, Karen has balanced the work-life struggles as a mum and achieved success with her photography business, claiming two international portrait awards!

“In life we face many hurdles. One thing I’ll say is if you believe in something strongly, don’t let somebody knock you down. Stand up and say, ‘I can’ and ‘I will’. Don’t doubt your passion or worth” she said.

Karen is now a portrait and headshot photographer for InTouch Photography.

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