New Social Media Pages for Mulgoa


The people of Mulgoa can now look forward to two new community pages that have started on social media to share local information – Mulgoa Community Page and Mulgoa Buy, Swap and Sell.

Mulgoa Community Page, which is found on Facebook and currently has 350 members, was started by two local residents recently. The page was created to give social media users daily information about what is happening in Mulgoa.

The page has been designed for the local community to share information together and includes topics such as news, traffic reports, lost and found animals, events and general discussion posts.

It also allows business posts for local businesses on Mondays only. This is an opportunity to promote your business or to recommend a product or service.

To become a member, you must first send a request to join to the group’s administration team, before being added.

They have a short list of rules they ask that all members read and follow and no bullying is tolerated.

The second community page is Mulgoa Buy, Swap and Sell and was started by the same local residents as the Mulgoa Community Page. It is also found on Facebook.

The page, which has 55 members, is designed for locals to buy, swap or sell any unwanted items they may have.

Local garage sales can also be posted on this page to the community.

Likewise, a request must be sent to the group’s administration team to join with rules to adhere to.
To find both pages on social media, search Mulgoa Community Page and Mulgoa Buy, Swap and Sell on Facebook.


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