A Little Bit of Luxe


Introducing Glenmore Park’s Belinda Soakai, the founder of Little Luxe Events. She is a wife, mother, party and Disney lover!

After having two children in the past five years, she truly understands the value of creating memories that last a lifetime. At birthday celebrations, seeing a child’s face light up with a huge, excited smile is priceless. After being in the corporate industry for over 10 years, she decided to create a life involving her passion and her children. After starting a business course called ‘Lady Start’, Little Luxe was born – a party hire business that offers a range of unique props, some handmade and painted.

“Amongst my family and friends, I have always been known to ‘go that extra bit further’ when it came to creating celebrations that people remember. I have always absolutely loved decorating and styling family events like birthdays, baby showers and Christmas parties. You name it, any celebration and I was keen to style it with that little bit of luxe” said Belinda.

“One thing that I have noticed from experience with Little Luxe Events is that people walk into the celebration and immediately go ‘wow!’ or ‘look!’ – they don’t just walk in and look for a seat. Children, in particular, get excited when their party has something that is unique and represents their budding personality. Our mission is to help families create memories of celebrations that last long after the special day is over” she added.

Although there are a number of prop hire services on the market, their point of difference is to offer pieces that will add a little bit of uniqueness to their client’s event. They work with their clients to best suit their needs and, at times, custom make props to suit their event.

Their hire props are suitable for all ages and events. They have experience in a wide range of events, ranging from corporate office events to first birthdays at your local park.

“We have had some fabulous opportunities, with our most recent one supplying a plinth for the Channel 10 hit television show “Dancing with the Stars”, which held the Grand Finale trophy” ended Belinda.

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